BTA: Questions for federal candidates

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With the federal election less than a week away, candidates are ramping up their engagement with constituents in the ridings they’re working to represent. Our partners at the Building Trades of Alberta, via their Political Action Committee, have developed a series of questions you can ask candidates vying for your vote that are aimed to help you learn more about their plans to support the unionized skilled trades.

  1. Are you in favour of investing in infrastructure projects that put Albertans in the unionized skilled trades to work, and if so, are you in favour of a Fair Wage Policy to ensure the competition for work is competition that focuses on something other than the wage rate?
  2. Social Procurement puts Alberta workers, families, underrepresented groups and local communities first. Are you in favour of a Social Procurement Policy for projects, both private and public, that ensures Albertans and underrepresented groups are given more opportunity to be employed in the construction of the communities they live in?
  3. Union rights are human rights. Are you in favour of upholding and defending Charter protected union rights, including freedom of association, should you be elected to Parliament?
  4. Democracy is fundamental and a true component of freedom. Are you in favour of a more democratic approach to the make-up of Parliament, including a fairer voting system through the implementation of proportional representation?

We encourage all members to vote on September 20.

Download the questions here.