This addendum to the Trade Rules is intended to instill pride and elicit professionalism by defining guidelines of expected and acceptable conduct from all our members, on jobs performed by our signatory contractors, in our offices, and in the community at large.

 Member Responsibilities:

  1. Display professionalism through productivity, non-disruptive behavior, and willingness to perform all aspects of trade jurisdiction.
  2. Meet their responsibility to the employer and fellow workers by arriving on the job on time, ready to work, every scheduled workday; and adhere to start and quit times, including lunch and break periods. Chronic absenteeism, late starts, and early quits, are unacceptable.
  3. Meet their responsibility as skilled trades people by providing quality trade specific tools (in good condition) while respecting any and all tools and equipment supplied by the employer.
  4. Meet their responsibility to be fit for duty insuring a zero tolerance policy for substance abuse is adhered to.
  5. Adhere to site and contractor rules and regulations.
  6. Respect the clients and contractors property and equipment. Willful destruction, theft, vandalism (including graffiti), and sabotage are unacceptable.
  7. Respect the UBC, clients, and contractors by dressing in a manner appropriate to our craft. Torn or ragged clothing, and worn out work boots, must be repaired or replaced.
  8. Treat others with respect and dignity in the workplace, in union offices and facilities, and at union functions.
  9. All members working as general foremen or foreman are to treat fellow members with respect  and dignity.
  10. Refrain from any and all forms of discrimination and harassment as defined by Provincial and Federal Human Rights legislation.
  11. Refrain from any deed, statement, or behavior that may negatively effect (whether actual or perceived) this United Brotherhood.
  12. All members should be willing participants in organizing non union companies whenever possible.

Transgressions of this code may be dealt with under Section 4:04 of the Trade Rules and Sections 51 and 52 of the UBC Constitution.