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Responding to accidents

Although you should always try to avoid an accident, sometimes you may just be in the wrong place at the wrong time — accidents do happen and they won’t necessarily be your fault. When an accident does occur, staying calm and following some basic advice can go a long way in helping to ensure that you fulfill your obligations, protect your rights, and efficiently resolve the immediate situation. Accident and reporting procedures vary in provinces and territories across Canada, so be sure to consult the appropriate government websites for information specific to your region. Read More.

High seasonal risk for overland water damage is upon us

The spring thaw typically brings with it a heightened risk for overland water damage. Since early 2016, various insurers began offering this type of coverage to private property owners and renters in Canada largely in thanks to the availability of updated flood plain maps and a clear trend towards more frequent fresh water flooding events. Although consumers may view water damage as one type of risk, insurers in Canada generally offer three different categories of coverage. Read more.

Rising personal insurance costs

Modern insurance costs are on the rise and this is not only due to increased coverage requirements, at-fault claims, or fraud driving up settlement amounts. A number of other factors now contribute to higher insurance costs in both the personal home and auto coverage categories. Read More.