Knowing your Collective Bargaining Agreement.

There are many agreements governing different sectors, job sites, and types of work in Alberta. In Alberta, we deal with more than 100 different CBAs through four different bargaining agents – Locals 1325, 2103 and 2010. The council itself also holds certificates in some instances.

Most general construction work falls under one general agreement for each trade, negotiated through Construction Labour Relations Alberta. 

To view CLRA agreements and wage tables, click here.

Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance agreements work differently, and some, such as the General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee for Canada (GPMC), are negotiated on a national level, where the United Brotherhood of Carpenters organization may only have one representative.

To see which jobsites and work scopes are under the GPMC, click here.

To see which jobsites are under the National Maintenance Agreement, click here.

Please be sure to check the various addendums to the agreement.