Many work opportunities available throughout Alberta

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To our members:

Once again, we’d like to remind members that there are open work opportunities available throughout the province. If you are interested in bidding on these positions, please log into your Dispatch profile to confirm your eligibility and bid. If you require additional information, please contact the Dispatch Office at 780-733-2172 or toll free at 1-800-272-7905 ext. 2172.

Filling these positions with UBC members is absolutely imperative to increasing our market share and the strengthening the position of skilled trades in Alberta. The contribution of your skills on these jobs helps elevate the benefit of hiring unionized labour to our industry and contractor partners.

While there are a number of excellent opportunities available, we also want to remind members about the importance of following through on their commitments for jobs they bid on. Members that bid on a job and do not show up may be subject to a fine, as per the Bylaws and Trade Rules of LU1325 and LU2103.

Section 2:03 states:

Any member who is dispatched to go to work must report for work on the job at the time specified. A member who fails to do so without justification may, on recommendation of the Trade Rules Committee, be subject to a fine of two hundred and fifty ($250.00) dollars and subsequent offences may receive a fine of ($300.00) three hundred minimum to maximum of what the Constitution and Laws the United Brotherhood will allow. The member will have their name removed from the out of work list and have to re-register to be considered for dispatch at the bottom of the list and will be notified of removal by the Union office by telephone and/or other means as approved by Regional Council.

Our goal is to fill and grow opportunities for our members, not dispense fines, so we ask that all members please remember and remind one another to ensure they are available and ready to work for the jobs they bid on.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Business Agent or Dispatch.