February 26, 2019 Telephone Town Hall Details

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Telephone Town Hall Meeting with EST Derrick Schulte. UPDATED with the recording.

You will receive an automated call this evening, just hang on the line, and you will be entered into the town hall.

Dear sisters and brothers:

Tonight is the night.

Simply answer your phone when it rings at five minutes to 8 pm to about ten minutes after.

If you don’t want to miss the start of the Telephone Town Hall, you may dial in right at 8 pm.

YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A CALL IF YOU HAVE AN AREA CODE FROM ONTARIO – EAST COAST. This is because of Canada Time Zone rules. You will need to dial in. Suspended members will also not receive the call.

All people who indicated they did not want a call have been removed as of now.

If you have a BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba time zone and you did not get a call last night, we do not have your correct phone number. Please call the front desk of your union hall to update that number if necessary. 1.800.272.7905, EXT 2159 is toll-free to the Edmonton hall.

If you have received the call to your correct number, there is no need to do anything more.

All participants choosing to ask a question will be required to provide name and Union ID to the screeners. The screeners are volunteers from your union membership. Please be polite. When you indicate that you want to ask a question you will press * (star) 3. You will then be placed in queue to provide your union ID and ask your question. Please be brief so we can get to as many as possible. 

We have some very interesting poll questions lined up, so try to stay on for the whole call so that you can vote in each one. There will be questions on political and union business. These polls aren’t scientific of course, but they give us a good indication of what the membership thinks and that is very valuable.

The Town Hall was a huge success. The link to listen to the Town Hall is here.

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