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New products for the jobsite, campsite or at the cabin.

TSTAK Radio + Charger

This heavy-duty site radio provides premium AM/FM or streaming sound on the job with its four speakers plus one active subwoofer and one assisted bass resonator. It also features a colour screen, uses and chargesall FlexVolt®, 12V and 20V MAX battery packs and can be controlled remotely by your Android and Apple devices using the DEWALT mobile app.

Cordless Inflator

The 20V MAX Corded/Cordless Inflator (DCC020I) excels at high pressure or high volume inflation or deflation. With a maximum pressure of 160 PSI and loads of adaptors for a wide range of applications, it can handle any job you throw at it from inflating tires to air mattresses for camping, sporting equipment, and more. Power it with a 20V MAX or FLEXVOLT® Battery, or plug it into a car lighter outlet, or wall.

ToughSystem® Cooler (DWST08404)

With 27-quart storage capacity, five days of ice retention, and IP65 rating for protection against water and dust, the DEWALT® ToughSystem® Cooler keeps beverages ice-cold and refreshing.


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