We organize for respect, dignity, better wages, better benefits and to reduce inequality. Unions like ours fight to protect our members, workers and the middle class in Alberta – but we need your help.

By organizing, you can help construction unions like the Alberta Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Workers increase our market share. This helps provide a counter balance to the power wielded by large companies and can help bargain for strong agreements to raise wages across the industry.

If you are a carpenter, scaffolder, floorcoverer, shopworker or drywaller, our Organizing team is ready to provide support to help unionize your shop. If the level of support for unionization is 40 per cent or higher, the Labour Board will help schedule a vote. If the vote is 50 per cent plus one in favour of unionization, the company then becomes certified for unionization.

Remember: in Canada, unionizing is your right.

Your employer cannot interfere with your efforts to unionize. If you are disciplined, threatened or fired for promoting the union or the benefits of unionization in your workplace, that is illegal. Our Organizers and team of legal experts are available to provide support.

To learn more, we encourage you to contact our Organizers. They are ready to help represent you and your workmates, and to defend your interests.

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