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This process is entirely confidential – your employer will never know you contacted by us or signed a union card circulating on your job site.  

We’re with you all the way

Under Alberta’s labour code, if 40 per cent of the carpenters, scaffolders, floorcoverers, shopworkers and drywallers in a company want to join the union, the certification process can be initiated.

If the level of support is above 40 per cent for the trade being organized, a secret ballot vote is scheduled by the Alberta Labour Board. This can be organized right on the job site to make the voting process simple.

If 40 per cent of a company’s employees within a union Local’s jurisdiction sign petition cards, a formal vote on whether or not to unionize must be held. During and following this voting process, the law protects you from negative action by your employer.

The way this process usually begins is that anywhere from just one person to a small group of employees call us, have a short chat, and then meet with our Organizers.

It takes courage and determination to be part of an ‘organizing drive’ within a company, but the payoff is substantial. Our pay levels, vacation time, health and welfare benefits and pension plan are industry leading.

The entire process is confidential – your employer will never know you contacted us or signed a union card. 

The process

  • Usually, an employee contacts a Union Organizer. Sometimes, Organizers approach employees.
  • Union Organizers generate employee support by having employees freely sign a petition, or “card.” These are individual and confidential. Neither your work colleagues nor your employer will know if you signed a card.
  • In Alberta, at least 40 per cent of the employees in the union’s jurisdiction must sign a petition card to initiate a certification vote at a company.
  • Union support is confidential throughout this process.
  • The Union submits an application to the Alberta Labour Relations Board to obtain the right to represent employees with their employer.
  • The government conducts an investigation to ensure the cards are authentic – they may call you to ask if you signed a card. Please note: your employer will still not know you signed a card.
  • If the petition cards show support of more than 40 per cent of the employees, a secret ballot vote will be held (50 per cent + one is required for the union to become the employees’ representative)
  • The Labour Board certifies the union as the employees’ official representative.
  • The Alberta Carpenters negotiate an agreement on your behalf, with your assistance and input, and with your final blessing through a ratification vote.