Bidding and accepting a dispatch during RSAP suspension by CLRA

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February 26, 2021

Brothers and Sisters,

This is an update for members of Locals 1325 and 2103 regarding bidding and accepting dispatches while the CLRA has suspended the Carpenters Union from RSAP.

Due to ongoing issues related to the Collective Agreement, suspended members dispatched from Locals 1325 and 2103 for Industrial Construction, Short-Term & Long-Term Maintenance and any other sector that a voluntary application has been granted will be required to site access test where site access testing is mandated by the owner. 

If you are employed on a Rapid Site Access Program (RSAP) Participating Owners Site with an RSAP Participating Contractor, Homewood Health has asked that all Participating Owners grandfather impacted members if the contractor has an active status letter at time of dispatch indicating the site they are working on.  

This allows members to continue to be in follow-up testing and not affected by this decision if they continue to comply with their return-to-work agreement. If the member is transferred, laid off and take a new dispatch (as per your RTW Agreement) you are required to notify your case manager immediately. This will keep your Case Managed Aftercare condition clock on and ensure you complete your requirement as quickly as possible.   

PLEASE NOTE: during Homewood Health’s meeting with RSAP Owners it was a consensus amongst them that they will now require their contractors to report all refusals and that workers will be issued immediate site bans, and generally the ban will extend to all sites owned/managed by that owner.  This is a change from the current process where a worker is simply removed from site by the contractor for non-compliance.

Please know that Homewood Health will continue to work towards resolution and will notify members as soon as that occurs. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Homewood case manager or your ARCCAW Business Agent.