Second Chance Consideration Program now open for applications

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From our partners at the Building Trades of Alberta:

Dear Members,

The Building Trades of Alberta believes in ensuring every worker is offered a fair chance. This sometimes means recognizing that when a member makes a mistake, they can learn from it if given the chance to do so.

That’s why the BTA is excited to launch the Second Chance Consideration Program (SCC) in partnership with the General Presidents Maintenance Committee (GPMC), the Association of Maintenance Contractors of Canada (AMCC), and Registered Employer Organizations (REOs).

The program offers any current and former BTA Affiliated Union Members who experienced a single alcohol or drug violation, with the opportunity to return to the workforce. (Please note: the violation must have occurred prior to August 31, 2021).

To access the program, the worker must: 

  • Sign the SCC agreement with their Union Representative
  • Attend a Return to Active Status Test (Return to Work Status)
  • Agree to be a member of the Rapid Site Access Program (RSAP) for two years

An Alcohol & Drug Steering Committee is facilitating the program. The committee was formed in June 2023 and is comprised of eight individuals representing the BTA unions, REOs, the GPMC, and the AMCC.

Program applications must be received no later than December 29, 2023. SCC Agreements signed after the open period will not be considered. To view the SCC Agreement and download the program application, click here.

Members are also encouraged to contact their UBC Business Agent to discuss the program.