Over the years the members of our four Locals have made very generous donations to community, local, regional and province-wide charitable causes.

Through our membership in the Building Trades of Alberta Charitable Foundation, our major contributions have traditionally been to combat Juvenile Diabetes. Not only have we donated cash, but our members have also been active participants in various local fundraising runs.

Another major contribution we make is through our members’ participation as volunteers to the good works of Habitat for Humanity. We’ve helped bring decent housing to many families who need a fresh start in what has been a hard life.

Recently, the Alberta Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Workers made a huge commitment to the Glenrose Hospital’s new BTA Courage Centre, where the latest in technology is applied to help patients restore as much mobility as they can regain, hopefully to return to life in their families and communities.

Our commitment is for $100,000 a year for five years. Our donation was matched by our brothers and sisters in UA Local 488, Boilermakers Local 146 and Construction and General Workers’ Union Local 92.

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