EST’s Message

The role of a Trade Union like ours is to first and foremost protect the rights of our members and serve them both singularly and collectively to the highest level possible.

We must also negotiate the best terms and conditions of employment for them and ensure that signatory employers live up to their collective agreement obligations.

One of the most important roles is to train our members so they can be productive and safe, thereby keeping us competitive, not by lowering wages and lessening conditions, but by being efficient, resourceful and reliable.

We stand by the principle of a “Fair day’s work, for a Fair day’s pay”. Over time our benefit plans have evolved to the point where members can feel secure about their retirement and their ability to care for themselves and their family in times of medical difficulty.

We understand that we generate more work for our members and prospective members if we organize non-union Carpenters, Scaffolders, Millwrights and related skilled tradespeople and the companies they work for. This results in increased market share and greater leverage at the bargaining table.

Education of the membership is crucial to our future and survival, because if our members don’t know critical information, they can’t be expected to make the right decisions about policies or internal and external politics.

We have recently witnessed a huge shift in Provincial politics, because people got more informed about issues that affect them and their families.  They also rejected the flagrant abuse of power and money.

Our Union is a community of like-minded people, a place to come to socialize and converse on issues of common interest. Our members are generous with their time and financial support and they live by the creed of an injury to one is an injury to all.

Time and time again members engage in charitable events, raising money to help the afflicted and less fortunate in our communities. We embrace the recruitment of women, aboriginals and visible minorities into our ranks and are tolerant and accepting of all people who bring the right skill sets for membership endorsement, regardless of colour, religion or sexual orientation.

We know there are times when we cannot always put the world right. We know there are issues on jobsites that are real events for those affected by them, and outcomes are not always what we want them to be. But at the end of the day,  respect, honesty, integrity and accountability must be the foundation, the values and the hallmark of our organization.
Martin A. Piper's Signature