Unionize Your Workplace

Why unionize your workplace?

Organizing for respect, dignity, and better wages and benefits

Inequality has skyrocketed as rates of unionization have declined in Canada and the USA.

Real wages are down. Less people have extended health benefits coverage and fewer have access to a strong defined benefit pension plan. Those that do have some sort of retirement savings plan often have to pay into the plan themselves, rather than having their employer make those contributions on their behalf. When construction unions like the Carpenters had market share, we could provide a counter balance to the power wielded by giant companies and bargain strong agreements to raise wages across the industry.

In short, the middle class is shrinking. Unions like ours fight to protect the middle class in Alberta – but we need your help!

Under Alberta’s labour code, if 65% of the carpenters or scaffolders – or even floorcoverers, shopworkers, drywallers or whoever! – in a company want to join the union, we can get what is called automatic certification. That means your company can be unionized simply be showing 7 signed union cards in a company employing 10 workers who we are applying to represent. We would say 6.5 workers, but of course that’s not actually possible. Call it 65 workers out of a hundred for an automatic certification, okay?

Check out the new labour law changes here.

If the level of support is between 40% and 65%, a secret ballot vote is scheduled. This usually will be organized right on the jobsite to make the voting process simple.

Remember, your boss cannot express an opinion on the union one way or another. It is not his or her business if you want to be a union member, and they cannot ask you if you are supporting the union. It’s simply none of their business.

If you are disciplined, threatened, or fired for helping promote the union in your workplace, that is illegal. We will have your back with our organizing department and our team of legal experts. Plus, if you get fired during an organizing effort, you will have priority access to other union jobs. Just be in touch with our organizers.

The Alberta Regional Council of Carpenters would be proud to be asked by you and your workmates to represent you and defend your interests in dealing with your employer.

Email rcarlson@albertacarpenters.com or pzarbatany@albertacarpenters.com today to change your job into a career and get the respect, dignity, wages and benefits you deserve in the workplace.