Becoming a Union Tradesperson

The only major barrier to UBC membership for those with little or no experience is demand from employers for first-year apprentices.

We understand how difficult it is to get your start as a skilled tradesperson in the union. However, employers always need some people at the entry level, so even if you are less-experienced, the best thing to do is contact our offices and speak to the recruitment department who can tell you about current demand.

Please be aware that even in the busiest times, employers do not hire as many inexperienced people as they do apprentices and journeymen. Also, there are often restrictions on entry-level people, such as being required to live in the area in which the work is occurring.

We are often looking for entry-level apprentices in the northwest regions of the province, such as Fox Creek, Whitecourt, and Grande Prairie. Fort McMurray is also a great place to start your career. However, these positions are local hire only – keep in mind that some of our best journeymen initially had to relocate in order to begin their careers. That may end up being the best option for you, as many job sites across the province are moving towards a local hire model to meet their workforce demands – meaning that there are very few camp or Living Out Assistance (LOA) opportunities for first year apprentices or novices. 

Industrial Technical Training (ITT) Admission

Another option for novices with very little job site experience is our Industrial Technical Training program. We have a few intakes each year in Edmonton, Calgary, and Fort McMurray. This may be an option for you. 

    • Applicants pre-screened through an interview process or children/dependents of members will be invite to undertake Industrial Technical Training (ITT) at the Alberta Carpenters Training Centre.
    • A passing grade of 70% must be achieved, as well as recommendation by the instructor. If you do not achieve 70%, you will be asked to upgrade your skills or language comprehension, and to re-apply after one year. A fail in ITT will require you to pay for the course in full for a second attempt.
    • Your total participation and complete concentration is required. Ignore your cell phone. Complete the tasks assigned to you safely. Display a good attitude, and be conscious of safety. Repeatedly demonstrating unsafe work practices will result in an automatic fail. 
    • Successfully completing ITT does not automatically mean an invitation to join the Alberta Carpenters. We are looking for the best. Bring your best self to the course and show us why we should want you as a union member. 

    Apply for ITT

    Please fill out this initial application for Local 1325 or Local 2103 and send to, indicating that you would like to be considered for ITT.

    In addition, please fill out this Record of Employment request in order to prove your hours with other workplaces.

    Application for Membership Local 2103 – 2103AppJan17

    Application for Membership Local 1325 – 1325 Application JANUARY 2017

    Record of Employment Request Local 2103 – ROE Request 2103 Applicant & Ex Member 

    Record of Employment Request Local 1325 – ROE Request 1325 Transfer-In