Time for Real Representation

Non-union trades people, or tradespeople currently represented by another labour organization, are welcome in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.

Many of our members came to us because they wanted improvements in how they are represented.

In agreements across the province and across the country we take great pride in the diversity of the jobs and workplaces we represent.

We want millwrights, interior systems mechanics (drywallers, mudders/tapers), scaffolding & mod yard workers, precast shop workers, manufacturing & machining plant workers, office workers, bar and restaurant workers, sawmill workers, maintenance workers, bank employees, accountants, health care workers, drivers, farmers, butchers, bakers – heck, even the candlemakers.

The point is, if you or a friend is working for somewhere that deserves the benefits of union membership, call us.

Northern Alberta – rcarlson@albertacarpenters.com

Northern Alberta – dhunter@albertacarpenters.com

Southern Alberta – pzarbatany@albertacarpenters.com

Learn how to help us organize your job site here

General Information on Joining the Alberta Carpenters

Joining the Alberta Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Workers is a privilege we extend to applicants with pride in their craft, a dedication to productivity on the job site, and strict adherence to safety and our code of conduct. 

The easiest way to join is to assist us in organizing a non-union employer. Learn how to help us organize your job site here

We receive hundred of applications every month, and will only respond to written requests for status updates. Do so by emailing recruiter@albertacarpenters.com.  Allow at least 30 days for us to process your application, but it may be longer during particularly busy periods. Trust us, we want every great tradesperson to be a union member. But we also need to be able to provide work for those members, so there will be periods where we are not accepting new applications. We apologize in advance if we cannot approve your application immediately.  

Click one of the buttons under ‘Joining Us!’ (left menu) to see more detail about joining us, depending on what your experience is, or where you live.

The Details

We are in the business of representing all tradespeople working in the trades we represent.

When you DO apply: Don’t send us a Resume. Send Proof.

We need to see real proof, not summaries, of your past experience and training. Our goal is to assure ourselves you’re a qualified tradesperson, not a potential employee.

Journeyman certificates and apprenticeship documents show you’ve studied your trade. But we also need to know you have real-life, on-the-tools experience. Records of Employment or pay stubs show us for sure what experience you have and what pay scale you might deserve. So letters of reference and resumes don’t hurt, and they may be valuable for a future employer to see, but to us they’re nothing without pay stubs and records of employment.


Apply to Join Local 2103 or 1325

Please fill out this initial application for Local 1325 or Local 2103 and send to recruiter@albertacarpenters.com.

In addition, please fill out this Record of Employment request in order to prove your hours in the trade.

Application for Membership Local 2103 – 2103AppJan17

Application for Membership Local 1325 – 1325 Application JANUARY 2017

Record of Employment Request Local 2103 – ROE Request 2103 Applicant & Ex Member 

Record of Employment Request Local 1325 – ROE Request 1325 Transfer-In