Cameron spent six years after high school working for his cousin’s construction company, gaining experience in all kinds of trades.

“But after all those years, I realized I wasn’t happy. I had all that experience and no ticket. I had to choose a trade and focus.

“My Dad always told me to be happy doing whatever I do, so I looked around and realized that the happiest group I knew were scaffolders. They have a more positive attitude – maybe because they do things lots of other people wouldn’t do…maybe because we’re all crazy!”

Cameron, 28, says he’s sure that this positive attitude, combined with scaffolders’ level of fitness, is responsible for the fact that most scaffolders look 10 to 15 years younger than their true age.

He says he’s earning about the same money (as an apprentice) as he used to, but he insists that his decision to pursue scaffolding was not about the money.

“It’s about working alongside all those great people, getting to play with great big Lego sets and play with giant jungle jims.”